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20 April 2021

Leroy Smart - Prophecy A Go Hold Them

Recorded at Harry J's
Backed by Itons Players, Steely and Winston Wright

Prophecy A Go Hold Them
Jah Give Us Life
Never Let You Go
Mount Zion
We Gat To Move On

We Rocking
Love Is A Feeling
Throw Down Your Arms
Jamaica We Nice

19 April 2021

Bolivar - One Man Show

All vocals and instruments by Bolivar

Me Gusta La Cha Cha
This Guy's In Love With You
Coconut Woman & Gimmie More Tempo (Medley)
Indian Summer Child
Sour Grapes

Jamaica Farewell
You Don't Bring Me Flowers
Dancing Mood

B.B. Seaton - Wish Me Luck

Produced and arranged by Harris Seaton

Don't Wanna Play Your Games
Undying Love
She Want It
Icing On The Cake
Funny Feelings

Wish Me Luck
Out Of Many
Baby I Know

17 April 2021

I-Three - Beginning

EMI America LP 1986 Recorded at Tuff Gong
I Threes are Judy Mowatt, Rita Marley and Marcia Griffiths

Come To Me Tonight
Now That We Are Standing
Mamma Can't Buy You Love
Baby Be True

Calling Out Around The World
That's How Strong
Sing Joy
He's A Legend

16 April 2021

Derrick Harriott & The Giants Of Reggae (Ruthless Combinations)

CD released 1991 featuring Yellowman, J.C. Lodge, Papa San, Twiggi and Larry D

15 April 2021

Duke Reid - Run Rhythm Run

Backed by Tommy McCook & The Supersonics, The Duke Reid Group, Winston Wright, 
Sugar Belly & King Cannon

Produced by Duke Reid
Engineered by Byron Smith
Recorded at Treasure Isle

12 April 2021

Sheila Rickards - Jamaican Fruit Of African Roots EP

Until 2013 "the lost vocal cut to one of King Tubby's most dramatic and devastating dubs 
from the 1970s". Musicians are The Aggrovators
Produced by Bunny Lee 1975

Ruddy Thomas - When I've Got You

Lovers Rock album recorded and mixed at Dynamic Sounds

When I've Got You
We Need Love
Loving You Is Mellow
Back To Paradise
Nice And Easy

Key To The World
Dedicated To You
Take It
Just One Moment Away
Walking Up A One Way Street

05 April 2021

Jackie Edwards - Premature Golden Sands

A rhythm & blues / soul album originally released 1967 on Island Records

Put Your Tears Away
Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon
Back Street Girl
Just Out Of Reach
Come Back Girl
How Do You Hang On To A Dream

Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings
San Francisco
The Ties That Bind
Someone Somewhere
Tell Me What It's All About
Ten Thousand Kisses

03 April 2021

Fatman Riddim Section - Tired Fe Lick Weed Dub

Peter Metro & Friends - Dedicated To You

Recorded at: Channel One
Recording and mixing engineers : Soljie Hamilton & Peter Chemist
Producers : Clive Jarrett & Bebo Phillips

Drums : Sly Dunbar
Bass : Robbie Shakespeare
Rhythm Guitar : Willie Lindo
Lead Guitar : Dwight Pickney
Piano : Robert Lynn
Organ : Steely
Horns : Chico Hamilton & Nambo Robinson & David Madden & Dean Frazer

31 March 2021

Ranking Joe - Disco Skate

Tracks laid at Channel One Studio, musicians are the Roots Radics

Automatic System
Old Friend (featuring Matthew Lizer)
Western Kingston Style
Want Some Money
Disco Skate

All Over The World Them Love I
We Have To Forward Home
Jah Guide And Protect I
Me Have No Luck In Gambling
Cus-Cus Women

Slim Smith - Keep The Light Shining

30 March 2021

B.B. Seaton - Best Of Gun Court Dub Vol. 1 & 4

Kingston Roots compilation featuring the best five dubs of volume 1 and volume 4 

26 March 2021

24 March 2021

Leroy Smart - Musical Don

SKD LP 1988 (Skengdon)
Produced by Kenneth Black

She Love To Dance
I Want Your Love
Release The Chain
Me Nah Leave You
Come A We

Number One
Bad Minded People
Collie Man
Worries Tonight

21 March 2021

Blooblo - Reggae Party Time

From the UK, rare and nice album
"On this album The Blooblo's have taken a selection of numbers that have been Chart Hits and given them a new lease of life in the Reggae style."

Tommy McCook - Tommy McCook

Ska! Recorded in 1969 and produced by Duke Reid

Yard Broom
Carry Go Bring Come
Twelve Minutes To Go
Strolling In
Dan De Lion

Eastern Standard Time
Rough And Tough
Musical Store Room
When You Call My Name
River Bank

Dub From Jamaica Roots - Studio 1 Band Meets High Times Band

Produced by Neville Beckford (Jah Woosh)

20 March 2021

The Aggrovators - Aggrovating The Rhythm At Channel One, Rare Dubs 1976-1979

Produced by Bunny Lee
The title of this CD seems wrong to me because some of the tracks on this compilation were recorded in 1980, '81 and '82. Also Jamaican Recordings did some mixing of their own which can be heard by the use of the delay control, that is certainly not done only at King Tubby's. Otherwise the music, though digitally mixed, is very enjoyable.

12 March 2021

Sly & Robbie - Master Of Ceremony Dub

Recorded at King Tubby's and produced by Bunny Lee
Including versions of the riddims Storm, Liquidator, Death In The Arena, Legalize It, Roots Natty 

11 March 2021

Delroy Wilson - Reggae Classics

Recorded at Dynamic Sounds and Music Mountain

Island In The Stream
Wish You Were Here
Hard To Say I'm Sorry
(There's) Always Something There To Remind Me

New York City
You've Lost That Loving Feeling
Letter To Mummy And Daddy

Skin, Flesh & Bones - Singles

Here is a collection of thirteen 7" sides by this Jamaican backing band formed by bass player Lloyd Parks, that featured many of the players that would go to form the Revolutionaries. In the early and mid seventies they backed artists such as Merlyn Webber, Al Brown, Cynthia Richards, Earl George (Faith) and many more. Included are versions of  "Holy Mount Zion", "Don't Call Me Nigger", "Kung Fu Fighting (Bruce Lee)" and other more rare tunes of that time. 

General Echo - 12" Of Pleasure

If you download this album from the link above and unpack the RAR you will soon notice that in the folder there is a back cover included that depicts a banana. For one thing this perfectly innocent and single banana did not make it to the back cover of this album only by its sex appeal, but fact is that in general bananas are very receptive to the basic human brain because of their attractive looks, sweet taste and quick nutrition. I love bananas! They are the golden giraffes in the geometrical zeropoint field of the world of fruits, a winning combination of the early dew of earth, the sun and celestial forces, analogically compared to the bright color yellow, tall animals, and multi-functionality for consumption. But that is just to eat them in different ways when they are ripe, not to stick them up in ones ass or exploit them for being the beautiful creatures that they are.

Once ago a friend of mine told me that she had experienced something awkward and embarrasing with her boyfriend. It went like this: It was on a morning after breakfast and she said that she was gonna buy some groceries. So she left the room they were living in and went to the supermarket, but while noticing on her way that she'd forgotten her money she returned home early. She got back in to the hallway to their door, turned the key, and opened the door to their rental room and there in the middle sat her boyfriend, half naked bending over with a big yellow banana pounding up his ass. Afterwards, when the shock was gone much later, and we made a joke about it her friend admitted that he was a banasexual.

Since bananas are a very primal kind of fruit, as opposed to avocados or pineapples they are more subject to misuse. Long time ago I read in the news that plantation slave owners in West-Africa grant their child slaves only two bananas per day. Did you know about that? OMG, those are some greedy slave owners. If I could have been such an African child slave owner I'd give my workers at least six bananas a day; two in the morning, two in the afternoon, and two during night time to keep them up with the production speed.

But let's get BACK TO BANANAS, in order to highlight this wonderful enticing yellow little fruity friend of mankind. This, after stone, wind & fire, etc.. Being the first real intelligent evolved fruit that earth has given us might have well possibly been the banana, for it's so outspoken, easy to peel, flexible and accomodating.
For instance, whenever you feel alone at home, perhaps nowadays during medical lockdowns and you have no girlfriend, a pet or a goldfish. One does not make friends with the spiders, but why not get a banana and draw a little smiling face on it with a black marker, including lush eyebrows and ruddy cheeks? Eventually your personal banana just wants to be eaten, that is the natural synthesis between man and banana. Manana Ab Banana (Al Mannah Kabbanah Bananah).

In general and to round off I am not ashamed to say that I love bananas. They are the number one fruit for me, and next in the hierarchy line of fruits is 2 the orange, 3 the pear, 4 is the plum, 5 may be the peach, 6 the olive and last is cranberries and that kind of simple fruit. Back to the music on this album "12 Inches Of Pleasure", it was played by the Roots Radics and recorded at Channel One. Long time ago General Echo took a day off from his job at the Banana Yard Producing Company, to go and record this album for the big studio Channel One. That was on a beautiful Monday morning in the second half of April 1980, early in the season when fruits like bananas reach their adulthood and get ready to be reaped.